Completed: 2019
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Work: Branding, Interior Design, Project Management

Proud is an understatement here but yes, yes we are.

Chocolat is a pastry & restaurants chain like none other in Bucharest. Premium quality, great products, awesome presence across the city: Băneasa Mall, Romanian Athenaeum and AFI Mall.
Our partnership with the fine people at Chocolat reached its third episode. Branding #3 that is.

Where we chose to go with a more feminine look, a tad more class and a certain proximity to art that we spent tens of hours polishing. Needless to say, everyone was happy with the result. The new design pinpoints a series of improvements commercially-wise: the cashregisters and display windows were relocated which led to a much better visibility. We tweaked the lighting which proved to do wonders for how the products ended up being showcased. And the vibe around the sitting area went up a notch with warmth and friendliness.

All in all, Chocolat invested over 750,000€ in this project to reach this level of detail-obsessed quality. We were honoured to be part of it.