It all started in 2015. Ever since, "forma" has been a young and multifaceted group of people with a knack for design, architecture, sculpture and plastic arts.

Who the heck.. are we?

Good question, thank you. It all started in 2015. Ever since, Forma has been a young and multifaceted group of people with a knack for design, architecture, sculpture and plastic arts. Also, we enjoy the occasional gourmet dinner and chocolate & pineapple cake. 

We go all-in when it comes to finding that extra something that makes a business better. Great even. Sometimes it’s the light sailing behind a bar, other times it’s the nimble menus or the cheeky personnel uniforms. We complement the details of design with the asks of smart branding. All the while focusing on that distinct voice all businesses are capable of reaching.

Our mission here is to build an environment that embraces customers and then makes them buy your product. The value that we bring is both commercial and visual.

So what is it that we do?

Another solid question. Essentially, we are in the business of making companies better. Through a mix of experience, art and business acumen. This is how:

Audit & Consultancy

We ask a million questions before we do anything else. Trust us, it’s for your own good. Putting on our researchers caps is the first step towards making sure our working together will be fruitful. We need to listen, understand, elaborate, debate and only then can we get to work. Only then can we hope for a brand identity that’s recognizable through form, volume and colour. It’s a healthy process and we’ve come to master it.


This is the storytelling part. We love this part. We come up with ideas, paths to work on and options of all sorts. Then we run it across all stakeholders and pick the right one.
The one that shouts “This will make us different!”. Yup, we love this part!

design and branding visuals

The storytelling stops being just a concept. It gains layers of actual work that you can see and touch. We measure, design, establish details, go over technical matters and enable forms & colours to reach and caress the retina. We strive to create that special setting that will increase the chances of success; a setting with a unique identity, artistic and commercial value.

Project management & implementation

It takes a village to build an effective design that makes a lasting impression. We’ve been doing this for a while now, which means our network of professionals has gotten bigger and bigger. So unless our clients have their preferred third parties to work with, we can enables access to teams of construction workers, furniture producers, typographies and so on.

But why work with us?

There’s more than one reason actually. Here are a few. We’ll complete the list once you’ve asked for a meeting :)

We have your business in mind. Constantly. Design is not a nice-to-have, it’s a definite must. One that will bring you a very good return on investment if properly executed.

We’re not decorators. Tons of literature out there that makes the distinction between decorating and designing towards better sales. We do our homework, we put time and effort into thinking and ultimately we become part of your business; through design that sells.

We love to create experiences that lead to increased business for our clients. Your bottom line starts to concern us the meeting you get in touch with us.